Aleppo Soap 16%

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Olive soap traditionally produced for over 2,000 years in Syria, in the town of Aleppo. Its main ingredients are olive oil and laurel oil, otherwise known as laurel oil. Its composition does not contain fragrances, dyes, preservatives, as well as any ingredients of animal origin. It is intended for all skin types, including allergies and sensitive skin. The olive oil contained in it lubricates and cares for the skin. In turn, laurel oil is known for its anti-acne and antiseptic properties. Cleansing, astringent and bactericidal. Supports the treatment of diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, irritation or inflammation on an allergic background. Aleppo with 12% -15% laurel oil content has a strong antibacterial effect, it is recommended for oily and acne skin. Aleppo is made in special vats at elevated temperatures by mixing olive oil and laurel oil. Then the naturally acquired principle and water are added, all to combine the soap. This mixture is allowed to cool and then formed into cubes. Soap obtained in this way is dried in ventilated cellars without access to the sun for about 9 months. Due to the long puberty it is very hard. Thanks to the process that has been unchanged for years, Aleppo is a natural product of very high quality.

In our offer you can find Aleppo soap in two percentage cross-sections: 5% -8% and 12% -15%. This is the amount of valuable laurel oil. The higher its content in soap, the stronger its antibacterial effect. Thanks to such a division, we can choose the right product for our body. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Syria


- it has anti-acne and antiseptic properties

- it has purifying and bactericidal

- it moisturizes, softens and reduces irritation

- it accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis

- it seems very well, when properly stored, one cube is enough for an average of about 6 months