Bloom Essence


Hydrating Therapy

The Bloom Essence therapy

While creating the Bloom Essence therapy, we have focused on using selected butters, oils and plant extracts. Thanks to that, the therapy strengthens and hydrates skin. Additionally, it soothes the effects of adverse environmental factors, such as free radicals, UV rays and pollution.


In hair wash and care cosmetics, we have used an innovative and technologically advanced biomimetic complex, KERESTORE™ 2.0 (its previous name: KERAMIMIC™ 2.0), which replenishes keratin losses. Using the Bloom Essence therapy helps maintain our hair in good condition from its roots to its ends. The therapy provides hair with shine and healthy look.

The Bloom Essence cosmetics have very mild formulas and beautiful flower scents.

Therapy step by step

Step 1 – Batn Nectar / Shower Gel – add nectar to your bath or wash your body with shower gel to refresh and cleanse your skin.

Step 2 – Feminine Hygiene Gel – wash your intimate areas with the gel.

Step 3 – Body Sugar Peeling – apply the scrub to the skin and massage the body thoroughly.

Step 4 – Body Butter – apply butter to dry skin and gently massage until absorbed.

Step 5 – Body Mists – spray the body and keep the unique fragrance of the therapy for longer.

Active Ingredients

Japanese cherry extract

Rich in antioxidants, rutin, vitamins A and C, as well as nourishing compounds that strengthen hair and skin. It softens and hydrates, has an astringent effect and soothes irritation.


English plantain extract

Contains organic acids, flavonoids, carotenes, vitamins and mineral salts. It has anti-oxidative properties, soothes and prevents irritation, accelerates epidermis regeneration.



Improves hydration and elasticity, smooths, gives shine, protects and makes doing hair easier.



Contains valuable active substances: flavonoids, organic acids and polysaccharides. It perfectly cares for sensitive skin, soothes irritation, strengthens capillaries and improves skin oxygenation. It has anti-ageing and anti-oxidative effects.


Other Therapy Organique

Intense Anti-Agening / Grape

An anti-ageing body therapy

based on active ingredients

from the Mediterranean region.


Smoothing Eternal Gold

Eternal Gold Therapy wih colloidal gold
for demanding skin.

Eternal Gold