In this category, you will find aromatic bath nectars.

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  • Terapia Wygładzająca do ciała

    A luxurious bath foam in the form of a golden, strongly hydrating nectar with an elegant, subtle scent. The aromatic bath filled with foam provides skin with gentle cleansing and rejuvenating care. Thanks to golden particles, the product gently illuminates skin. Bath with our nectar relaxes, reduces stress and fatigue. THE EFFECTS OF THE THERAPY •...

  • Bloom Essence

    A unique bath nectar with the scent of magnolia. Based on a special formula and mild washing ingredients. It’s a combination of scented relaxation and active care. It gently foams, mildly cleanses and refreshes skin, while its pleasant flower aroma soothes senses. A bath with the nectar relaxes, reduces stress and fatigue, makes skin hydrated, velvety and...

  • Spicy

    Luxurious Bath Foam with an aromatic scent transports you to the oriental never-never land. Ripe, sweet orange, lather-rich foam and wooing cinnamon scent enriches your bath ritual and helps you keep a relaxed mood.  Tonifying character and energizing scent reduces stress and fatigue, keeping your skin hydrated, silky and pleasantly scented.  REGU®-AGE –...

1 - 3 / 3