Advertising Soap

Advertising soaps are handmade in accordance with traditional recipes.
Upon special order, we can create soaps with any information embedded. It can be a logo, business card or wishes.

Naturalness and high quality

Advertising soaps are handmade and based on the highest quality glycerin in accordance with traditional recipes. Production of soaps started the history of the Organique brand.

Soaps have an effect on the whole organism thanks to the therapeutic influence of scent. Exceptionally aromatic, even appetizing, provide skin with a gentle scent and fill the room with a subtle aroma.

Available colours and scients of soap:

blue - scent of kivi

orange - scent of peach

pink - scent of magnolia

white - scent of apple

green - scent of lichy and orange

Contact us:

Mariola Rogacka
Area Export Manager

Magdalena Podulka
Area Export Manager

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