Advertising soap from Organique

Advertising soaps

Did you know that our company's history has been running a business made by soaps? Despite the fact that currently the choice of products in the Organique offer is much larger, the method of production has not changed since 2000. The soaps are still handmade from the highest quality glycerin, plant extracts, oils and herbal additives.

We have a direct influence on the shape, size, color and smell of soaps, so we decided to give you the opportunity to create your own design. You can freely adapt this design to your taste, occasion and corporate identity.

Soaps have an effect on the whole organism thanks to the therapeutic influence of scent. Exceptionally aromatic, even appetizing, provide skin with a gentle scent and fill the room with a subtle aroma.

Available colours and scents of soap

  • blue - scent of kiwi fruit
  • orange - scent of peach
  • pink - scent of magnolia
  • white - scent of apple
  • green - scent of lichee and orange


Logos are placed in the soap by embedding them between two layers of glycerin or by squeezing them with a stamp.