Glamour Glammies  2018 - Body Balm with Shea butter Black Orchid

We are happy to announce that our Body Balm with Shea butter Black Orchid received reward in the category of Body Care. The title GLAMOUR GLAMMIES 2018 is very prestige and we are very proud that jury rewarded us.


Instyle Best Beauty Buys 2018 Fragrance body lotion - Delicious Touch

Our Fragrance Body Lotion Delicious Touch won the distinction of InStyle Polska magazine - Best Beauty Buys 2018, in the category of body care.


Glamour Glammies 2018 - Nude Beauty Balm Organique

Nude Beauty Balm was rewarded by polish magazine Glamour in category “best foundation”. Jury tested all foundations available on the market and they choose us- we are proud.


Best Beauty Buys for the beauty balm creams

Another reward in our portfolio! This time it’s our new product from 2017 – Nude Beauty Balm received the title of BEST BEAUTY BUYS 2017 in the category of Daily Care. It’s a very prestigious title awarded by the editorial staff of InStyle and the experts.

Thank you so much for the award!


Glammies 2017 for the Calming Therapy Cream / Aloe

We won the first award for the aloe face cream from the Calming Therapy! Our new product was appreciated by one of the most prestigious editorial staff of Glamour and became “The choice of the Glamour editorial staff 2017”.

We are very happy that our new product is getting such positive opinions and already winning the first awards.


Yet another award for the Shea butter balm!

We are really proud and pleased to boast about another very valuable award granted by internet users and subscribers of one of the most popular cosmetic boxes in Poland – BeGlossy. Our Shea butter balm / Strawberry & Guava won the title of Glossy Product 2016 in a voting. This scent version could be found in the February BeGlossy box in 2016.


It’s a great distinction, as the jury was composed of women who had tested our balm a year before. Such awards are of great importance to us, as they let us know that the path we’ve chosen is right and our efforts in making the cosmetics of Organique is appreciated.





Men’s Health Product of the Yearh

Our face gel from the Pour Homme therapy for men was distinguished by the editorial staff of Men’s Health and recognized as the best face cleansing product among cosmetics for men.


We are very proud, thank you so much!







Beauty Diamonds 2016 Quality Mark for the specialized Dermo Expert body balms

The editorial staff of Trusted Cosmetics awarded the specialized Dermo Expert body balms with the Beauty Diamonds 2016 Quality Mark.

It’s yet another award we received that year. Beauty Diamonds are a prestigious certificate granted solely to the market leaders. When making the choice, the jury took the following matters into consideration:

- if products respond to the needs of customers
- if products are of high quality
- if products are distinct from those of the competition
- if products are interesting and innovative




Award for the whip peeling!

This time, it’s a Glossy Product 2015 in the category of bath & shower products. The wonderful sugar whip peeling of Organique won the hearts of internet users who announced in the Glossy Product 2015.

The contest included products from the regular edition of the beGLOSSY box in 2015.




The Cosmetic of All Time] for the Shea butter balms!

The 7th edition of the Cosmetic of All Time Gala took place on 17 March 2016 in Pałac Prymasowski. Organique, who won in the category of natural cosmetics thanks to the Shea butter balm, was one of 29 laureates!


It’s a great distinction, as the votes were cast by the users of one of the most influential cosmetic portals: wizaz.pl. The Cosmetic of All Time is an award which motivates us to keep working on natural, gentle yet effective cosmetics.


Beauty Premium 2016 for the Anti-Ageing Therapy / Grape

The INTENSE ANTI-AGEING / GRAPE by Organique won the first place in BEAUTY PREMIUM 2016 in the category of Professional Care Cosmetics: Body Care. It’s a great distinction and motivation to create new, fully natural therapies which will be used in beauty parlours and SPAs.


INTENSE ANTI-AGEING / GRAPE is a professional line of SPA & WELLNESS cosmetics designed for the anti-ageing care of every skin type. All active ingredients of the cosmetics come from the Mediterranean region. The cosmetic recipes contain carefully selected synergistic plant oils and extracts.

The Therapy includes a peeling, a serum, a mask and a butter.




Best Beauty Buys 2014 for the Bloom Essence hair products

Hair conditioner and shampoo from the bestseller Bloom Essence line were appreciated by the jury of the Best Beauty Buys 2014 contest. They were the only eco-cosmetics for hair that won the prestigious award in that year. According to the experts, the awarded products make hair soft and style gently.


It has already been the 7th edition of the contest supposed to select the most effective cosmetics. Products are assessed by experts of the beauty sector and the InStyle editorial staff.


Best Beauty Buys is a contest organized by all international editions of the magazine.



Viva! Certificate for vegetarians and vegans

The international Viva! Foundation for animals, the publisher of the VEGE monthly magazine, wants to fight against stereotypes, but not only against them. It also wants to help big companies discover vegan products in their offer and encourage them to intensify promotional campaigns of these products.

Each year, the number of Organique products with the “v” sign is getting bigger and bigger.


In May 2014, it has been granted to the following products:

  1. 1. Hydrating Cream from the Pumpkin Line
  2. 2. Face mask from the Pumpkin Line
  3. 3. Alum – the mineral deodorant
  4. 4. Organic liquid soaps
  5. 5. Clay
  6. 6. Savon Noir soap
  7. 7. Aleppo soap
  8. 8. Macadamia oil
  9. 9. Sesame oil
  10. 10. Argan oil
  11. 11. Coconut oil
  12. 12. Balms from the Botanic garden series

Best Beauty Buys 2013

It is the fourth consecutive year when an Organique product becomes a laureate of the In Style Best Beauty Buys contest.


It also is the seventh BBB award won by our products. This time, Mild Cleaner Gel has been awarded in the category of SENSITIVE SKIN – A SOOTHING CLEANER GEL.


Beauty of the Year 2013 for the Pumpkin Line Hydrating Cream

It has been the 5th time when an Organique product became awarded with Beauty of the Year.


The award is given by one of the most popular beauty blogs – Beauty of the Day. The Pumpkin Line hydrating cream with pumpkin extract has been awarded in the category of natural cosmetics.



Best Beauty Buys 2012 for Organique

Organique has got awarded the prestigious Best Beauty Buys contest, organized by all international editions of InStyle magazine, for the third consecutive year.


It has already been the 5th edition of the contest. Bronze Body Butter has received the prestigious award in the BODY category for the second time.


These and other products are available in authorized Organique stores all over Poland.


Product of the Year 2012 for Health

The Nasturtium & Grenadine peeling from the Botanic Garden line has been awarded in the Product of the Year plebiscite of DlaZdrowia.pl


108 products have been proposed in 3 categories: food product, cosmetic product and pharmaceutical product, from which Internet users selected the best 15 products.


The final products have been assessed by the Jury members who, after testing the products for two months, selected the best ones.


Naj Kosmetyk 2011

The Naj magazine performed a use test of Polish cosmetics together with their readers. Ladies selected the best products of the year.


The Bloom Essence body peeling was placed amongst the winners.

We are happy to inform that it is the third award given to this cosmetic line. The Bloom Essence butter received Mercurius Gedanensis at the trade fairs in Gdańsk and the Beauty of the Year award given by the author of one of the most popular beauty blogs – Beauty of the Day.



Best Beauty Buys 2011 for Organique

Organique has already become the laureate of the prestigious BEST BEAUTY BUYS award, a contest organized by all international editions of InStyle, for the second time.

In Poland, InStyle editorial staff and beauty experts have tested all cosmetics and styling tools available on the market for the fourth time. Organique won as many as three awards in the BODY category: for Bronze Body ButterSlim-Serum and rbody peeling & massage KESSA glove(it has been the second time when it received the prestigious award).

These and other products are available in authorized Organique stores all over Poland.


Beauty Premium 2011

The next award for the Organique products.

The ETERNAL GOLD line took the first place in the contest organized by the Beauty Forum magazine. The products were awarded in the category of professional cosmetics for face care.


Mercurius Gedanensis medal

Aromatic massage candles have been awarded with the Mercurius Gedanensis medal.

The award was given in the category of PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS: “cosmetics for body care”.