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The nutritional mask is dedicated to caring about the damaged hand skin in a profound way. It contains synergistically fitted active ingredients. The hand mask provides holistic care for the skin, exposed to unfavourable factors that irritates the skin. It restores and strengthens the protective hydro-lipid skin barrier. 

The active ingredients are as follows: cocoa butter, Shea butter, Colhibin, silk, pearl extract, allantoin, panthenol, glycerine and vitamin E.

Thanks to the active ingredients in the form of microcapsules, the skin is more elastic, less irritated, less rough and smoother, with fewer signs of skin ageing. 

It leaves the nutritional film on the skin. 

To obtain the optimal effect, use together with the butter for cuticle, the hand serum and the hand cream. 


- it intensely hydrates, softens and nourishes the skin 

- it prevents the hands from elasticity loss 

- it soothes the skin and inhibits the ageing processes 

- it softens and prevents skin from the water loss 

- it regenerates, strengthens and soothes irritations

- it doesn't leave a greasy film on the skin 


Put on the cleansed dry hand skin, rub in. Put on the terry or cotton gloves. After 20 minutes, the remnants rub into the skin or rinse with warm water.