Living water in Organique cosmetics

„ Water is the main ingredient of the environment and our bodies. It’s much more important than food, since its shortage can completely damage the body in just a couple of days. It’s also a perfect solvent: it dissolves what needs to be excreted and combines with what needs to be assimilated. It dissolves salts forming electrolytes in cells, which enable energy flow and efficient body operation. It helps regenerate and facilitates life processes.

Besides the obvious transporting, detoxifying and hydrating properties, it has unique functions whose reception is individual for every human being and results from personal experience. It is also full of amazing contradictions: it climbs up capillaries, swims like ice (even though it shouldn’t), its quality and structure makes it a source of life or a poison – depending on how it is treated and stored.

In most cultures, it is considered sacred; it has always been the synonym of the greatest good and identified with health and its search. It is also identified with cleansing of both body and soul; rituals related with sauna or baths in herbal infusions were supposed to guarantee a long and happy life. It’s no surprise that we can also find the signs of its excellence in etymology of a word very close to our brand: SPA – “sanus per aquam”, which means “health through water”.

Besides air that we breathe, water is life and should be treated as such. Living water or structured water is water with the restored primal power of creation and support of life.

Since it’s the most precious nutrient of our bodies, we should also care for its best possible quality in cosmetics absorbed by our skin.

We are proud to offer our clients care products based on the structured water.

Tomasz Czarski

The CEO of Organique

Water in Organique cosmetics

Out of concern about top quality of our cosmetics, we always care about their compositions and select active ingredients of natural origin. We also take particular care of water in our products. It is their main and most important ingredient. Cosmetics of Organique are manufactured with structured water which supports health and well-being.

What are the advantages of living water?

It is low-molecular and, thus, can hydrate much more effectively. At the same time, it is a perfect solvent. Additionally, its silky softness significantly influences the pleasurable experience of the cosmetic use. It also makes the texture of our products so exceptional that everyday activities turn into relaxing therapies and rituals. It is our path to discovering beauty and peace within ourselves, which are often forgotten in the everyday rush; it is a unique self-experience.

To health, through conscious and joyful moments with yourself.

The Team of Organique

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