The Black Orchid

Rytuały Owocowe

The Black Orchid Ritual

The Black Orchid Ritual are much loved cosmetics from our offer. The line includes: Shea butter balm, bath bomb, glycerin soap and bath & massage oil. It is distinguished by a captivating, sensual scent that lingers on skin for a long time and could successfully replace elegant perfume. The Black Orchid Ritual will make the evening care of both women and men more pleasant.

Ritual step by step

Body Ritual

Step 1 – body sugar peeling – apply peeling on skin and massage body. You will make sugar crystals stimulate micro circulation and remove dead epidermis cells. Thanks to the combination of Shea butter and soybean oil, skin will regain smoothness and elasticity.

Step 2 – shower gel – wash body with a shower gel in order to cleanse and refresh it.

Step 3 – Body balm – after leaving the bath, dry your body with a towel and apply body balm that will intensively hydrate and soften skin and improve its elasticity.

Active Ingredients

Grapeseed oil

Has strong regenerative, nourishing and smoothing properties. Rich in antioxidants, reduces free radicals and prevents skin ageing processes.


Avocado oil

A source of vitamins, potassium and calcium. It restores lipid layer, protects against water loss from epidermis, has a soothing and regenerating effect.


Beta Sitosterol

A phytosterol with a composition similar to the one of intercellular cement. It has the ability of building itself into epidermis, strengthens lipid barrier, prevents water evaporation.

Shea butter

Nourishes, regenerates, soothes irritation, prevents skin flaking and evaporation of water from epidermis. It constitutes a natural protective barrier against 


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