Harmony by Organique


The natural beauty of our lives composes of many aspects mingling together: joy, satisfaction, peace, good looks and health. All these elements, creating a coherent entirety, make us happy.
As we care for a healthy and beautiful life, we have created places where people can not only take care of their bodies, but will also find peace and relaxation of their souls.
It is our mission to create space in which sensory therapies and body rituals will naturally merge with the philosophy of a healthy life in accordance with nature.
We wish to create places of relaxation established in hotels, boarding houses, city centers and all other places where people search for harmony. We work on the basis of a holistic approach to man. While achieving this goal, we use our experience based on products and rituals wehave created and the knowledge of Spa & Wellness market.
We adjust our concept to expectations and needs of the owners, and add the elements of local
richness of nature and history.


The concept of Harmony by Organique

Harmony by Organique are places of new quality on the market. It is not only a combination of DaySpa and Wellness: these are also places with holistic offers based on therapies and rituals.
As we care for the balance between body and mind, our treatments combine both therapeutic actions of cosmetics inspired by nature, as well as a relaxing sensory experience.
Harmony by Organique are places where light, warmth, pleasure and scent make our customer feel like the time has stopped.


Within the scope of the Harmony by Organique franchise concept:


We design space with its optimal use and determine possibilities of the place, facility and clients’ potential.

» We run full training courses on customer service standards. We show how to create the atmosphere of an oasis and distance from reality.

» We provide staff with a complete introduction to the secrets of cosmetic philosophy and performed treatments. We run training courses on products and treatments focused on the practical aspects. We give out materials (videos and treatment scripts) which can be used to complement and refresh the knowledge.

» We provide the facility with Spa ceramic equipment, staff uniforms and additional
materials. We also provide our support in the choice of equipment.

» We support the process of creation of the treatment menu with an offer adjusted to the determined customers’ profile.

» We provide advice in extending the offer with additional services, e.g. diet, relaxation, yoga, healthy life style, meditations. We will join your search of local richness in order to enrich the offer.

Who are we looking for?


We invite to cooperation people who run boarding houses, hotels and DaySpa centers in which creation of Harmony by Organique space is possible (minimal space is 50 square meters). We are interested in places that want to refresh their Spa zones and those that have just started planning their creation.


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