Specialist care of oily and acneous, sensitive and couperose skin.

The dermo cosmetic therapy is dedicated for the specialist treatment and care of various problematic skin types. Each of the products is dedicated for another skin type. The cosmetic formulas have been composed so that they effectively combat the basic skin problem with simultaneous complex care and protection. Innovative active raw materials, based on the action of plant extracts, combined with advanced technology, create cosmetics which meet the needs of demanding skin.




Strengthening and soothing cream for sensitive and couperose skin

A specialist dermo cosmetic dedicated for the care of sensitive, couperose skin with teleangiectasia and discolorations. Azeleic acid, closed in liposome coating and gradually released, is characterized by antibacterial properties; it reduces the number of papules and pustules, accelerates regeneration of epidermis and brightens post-inflammatory discolorations. Anti-couperose cream hydrates, gently oils, improves skin tightness and elasticity. 

Normalizing cream for oily and acneous skin

A specialist dermo cosmetic with a light, cream-gel consistency, dedicated for the care of skin suffering from common acne, seborrhea and post-inflammatory discolorations. Azeleic acid, closed in liposome coating and gradually released, is characterized by antibacterial properties. Even when used for a long time, bacteria do not become immune to it. It also beneficially influences the process of keratinization by regulating the processes of epidermis exfoliation and the work of sebaceous glands. It cleanses, brightens skin and discolorations, reduces redness.




Active ingredients


Azelaic acid – has antibacterial properties and unlike antibiotics used externally, even its long-term use does not let bacteria become immune to it. It regulates the process of exfoliation and sebum secretion, cleanses skin and has a preventive action. It reduces the number of comedones and pustules, reduces and soothes redness. Like every acid, when used systematically, it enhances the level of hydration and stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin.


Trikenol – apart from antibacterial properties, it also protects skin and maintains the balance of skin bacterial flora thanks to its prebiotic activity. It inhibits the growth of bacteria with unfavorable effects on skin and – at the same time – does not influence skin-friendly bacteria.


RONA CARE®TILIROSIDE – a natural flavonoid obtained from young plant sprouts, it has anti free radical properties and inhibits inflammations in skin. It protects against the adverse effect of environmental factors.


Hyaluronic acid – present in living cells of all organisms, easily assimilable and safe. One particle of hyaluronic acid is able to bind 250 particles of water. Low molecular hyaluronic acid leaves a protective film on skin which prevents water loss.


Oils: avocado and soybean – have anti-inflammatory properties, rich in fatty acids, lecithin, amino acids, mineral salts and vitamins. They prevent excessive dryness of epidermis.


Ricesilk – a product obtained by grinding of rice seed coatings. It has perfect absorptive and matting properties (even up to 300% of its own mass). It also facilitates cosmetic application.


DARKOUT™ – a cleansed extract of African grass bulbs, closed in a three-dimensional matrix obtained from the Peruvian Tara tree. It brightens post-inflammatory discolorations, often present on skin along with couperose. It reduces free radicals and increases collagen synthesis in skin. It improves tightness and elasticity.


Alantoina – naturally present in the root of comfrey. It accelerates the process of epidermis granulation, eliminates the effects of skin irritation, softens and smooths.


Pantenol – while penetrating through epidermis, it transforms into pro-vitamin B5. It has influence on regeneration of micro damages. It enhances the level of skin hydration.


Bisabolol – an active substance present in camomile oil; when produced synthetically, it has the same properties, but is free of allergenic factors. It has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, reduces skin redness.


Shea butter - obtained from seeds of the African Shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa). The fatty acids in Shea butter (oleic, stearic, palmitic and linoleic) are almost identical as fatty acids in the stratum corneum. It makes Karite perfectly tolerated and absorbable by the skin, nourishes it and constitutes a natural UV filter protecting against photo aging.


Krem Anti Couperose w Terapii Dermo Expert Organique
Krem Anti Acne w Terapii Dermo Expert Organique
Składniki aktywne w Terapii Dermo Expert Organique
Składniki aktywne w Terapii Dermo Expert Organique
Safe Formula Organiuqe

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Anti- Acne Cream
Anti- Acne Cream
A normalizing cream for oily and acneous skin.
Anti- Couperose Cream
Anti- Couperose Cream
A strengthening and soothing cream for sensitive and couperose skin.

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