Bath foams


Bath foams with the following scents: ripe, sweet, sun-warmed grapes; fresh, energetic colonial scent with a delicate note of orient; sweet lychee with a note of aromatic orange; and sweet vanilla seasoned with a bit of a juicy grapefruit.

The washing formula has been based on selected, delicate raw materials of plant origin. It provides the comfort of use, as well as gentle care and protection of sensitive skin. The foams, when poured into water, create an aromatic, light, fluffy and long-lasting foam.


Płyny do kąpieli Organique
Płyny do kąpieli Organique
The bath relaxes, reduces stress and fatigue, while skin stays hydrated, velvety and subtly scented.

Active ingredients


Beautycare – an exceptionally gentle washing agent of natural origin. Created from Argan oil, it preserves oil’s hydrating and nourishing properties.


Aloe extract – soothes irritation, stimulates cell regeneration and enhances the level of hydration.


Green tea extract – has strong anti-oxidative properties, inhibits ageing processes, soothes and detoxifies.


Vegetable glycerin – smooths, softens and prevents skin from drying.


Pomegranate extract – helps maintain skin flexibility, accelerates regeneration and inhibits ageing processes.


Płyny do kąpieli Organique
Składniki aktywne w płynach do kąpieli Organique
Safe Formula Organique