Aromatherapy has a beneficial influence on mood improvement. Essential fragrances relax us and get us in the good mood; at the same time, they accelerate the effects of biological renewal.

Essential oils – have a broad range of effects. They can be used in the care of skin and hair, as a bath additive, for room aromatization, or to support healing of many ailments. The Organique essential oils have been certified for marketing by the National Medicines Institute in Warsaw (the certificate qualifies them to herbal pharmaceutical products).



Organique essential oils:

- Cinnamon

- Lemon

- Eucalyptus

- Grapefruit

- Clove

- Lavender

- Mandarin

- Mint

- Sandalwood

- Pine

- Patchouli

- Orange

- Rosemary

- Tea tree


Fragrance compositions:

- Bergamot

- Jasmine

- Rose

- Vanilla

- Ylang-Ylang


You can select the aromatherapy products for every ritual and therapy by choosing your favorite fragrances.

Organique Aromatherapy:

Candles – exceptionally fragrant candles dedicated for room aromatization. They burn for a long time and leave an intensive scent.

Fragrances available in the offer:

- Cotton/lotus

- Cinnamon

- Greek

- Redcurrant

- Summer breeze

- Orient

- Pinacolada

- Vanilla


Fragrance diffusers with rattan reeds are an excellent and easy way to fill your home with subtle yet intensive scent. Their neat bottle will suit every room and the wide range of aromas allows you to select fragrance appropriate for you. 

Fragrance compositions available in the Organique offer:

- Hanging Gardens

- Morning Energy

- Starry night

- Sweet Dreams

- The Land of Scheherazade



Wax melts – perfect for room aromatization. Palm oil of Malaysian origin, used in waxes, is certified with RSPO and GMO-free. Nine attractive scents are available in the offer:

Flower/refreshing scents:

- Refreshing Tea

- Rose Petals

- Paradise Flowers


Fruit scents:

- Banana Sweets

- Grapefruit fantasy

- Lychee & Mango Cocktail


Spicy/sweet scents:

- Spicy Mix

- Vanilla Mousse

- Oriental Night